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You collect a 150 mL sample of lake water contaminated with HClO4. You take it back to your lab for analysis. You test the pH of the water sample with a pH probe and it is 4.5 You then titrate it with 0.05 M NaOH

a) What volume of NaOH do you need to neutralize the acid? (Hint: pH= -log(hydrogen concentration)

Like right now I have 4.5 = -log (x) and idk what to do lol. Firstly idk how I'd find 'x', and then once I find it... 'x' would also be the concentration of NaOH?

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wait where did the 3.162 x 10^-5 come from? I obviously messed up my pH to [H+] part

i have NO IDEA but I did figure out that 3.162 x 10^-5 is the number you get when you do:

10 ^ 4.5 = 31622.7766

31622.7766^-1 = 3.162 x 10^-5

oh wait I think I got it. Check me bc I have no calculator.

pH = - logx

4.5 = -logx

-4.5 = log x

10^-4.5 = x

fuck I forgot all my math fml

did you know that you're brilliant and amazing

and that i retained nothing from calculus/algebra II

lol me either. This is embarrassing bc it's not hard math at all. -_-

do you understand the rest of it? I can go through that too if you like

nah I get that part but fdkfjs are you busy/mind skyping with me? if not that's totally fine but i'm kind of lost about ionization energy (lol I remember I had trouble with this on the first exam)

yeah, just give me 10 min. I need to send an important email first.

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